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PHOTON comprises of unmatched team of marketing experienced professionals having knowledge experience in all areas and aspects of the marketing mix. Whether you've just opened up shop, been in business for decades or somewhere in between, and find yourself wanting for more in your current digital marketing strategies - our digital media experts will guide you through the intricacies of the digital world and show you how your brand can make an impact within your industry. We provide you one-stop shop solution for digital marketing to deliver effective, creative and media solutions to achieve measurable results. Innovations are the key to all our endeavors.We listen to our clients as individuals and create custom strategies and digital marketing plans to best suit their business needs based on ROI centric.



SMS marketing is the newest form of advertising used by companies to brand and promote their products and services to existing or potential customers via mobile phone. SMS has become an effective alternative to traditional sources of advertising due to the high level of mobile phone ownership in the world.

  1. SMS marketing has higher conversion rates than conventional media such as TV, Radio and print
  2. 1 in 3 user acts in some manner over the SMS by forwarding or enquiring about it
  3. 25% or more of mobile user have participated in some sort of SMS contest

Our powerful bulk SMS messaging solutions are suitable for businesses from all industries and any size. Whether it be a SME, corporate company, government department, educational institutions or non-profit organization our range of solutions are developed with the needs of all businesses in mind.


  1. We are unmatched as of now in terms of SMS "Through Put".
  2. We have direct route to almost all GCC nations and most of the Asia Pacific countries, especially India & Singapore.
  3. We have invested huge resources on Classified Databases of UAE and acquired more than 11 Million Mobile Data Base (mobile numbers) out of declared 14+ Million registered numbers.
  4. We also have highly classified data for all major GCC countries.
  5. Our main competency is in Bulk SMS campaign and the secret behind it lies in our core strength in widest spectrum of FILTERS available with us. All most any targeted segment can be achieved through our classified filters.
  6. We are known for our services and aggressive prices.
  7. No setup fees, No monthly fees, No hidden costs.


If you are willing to unleash the hidden potential of WhatsApp, PHOTON gives you the way. We create an entire new channel for you to reach your targeted customers. We design your WhatsApp, using highly innovative mobile marketing techniques we have expertise in. Our services are a real value adds to the industry verticals such as Banking/Insurance/FinanceCompanies,Retail,Education,HealthCare,Media& Entertainment and Travel & Logistics.


Email marketing can be an extremely effective way to reach out to new customers and increase your conversion rates. We offer several ways to take advantage of this simple and cost-effective method of marketing, including our popular Email Campaign services. Get access to millions of potential new customers and build your email campaigns quickly and easily online or have one of our email experts do it for you.Our email marketing team can help you achieve your Internet marketing strategies by increasing your email marketing click-through and conversions thanks to our focus on ISP relationships, reputation monitoring and bounce management.As a full service internet marketing firm and email provider, we can help you achieve the highest deliverability rates possible. We also test your mailing for code and content problems prior to sending to improve the delivery of your email campaign by ensuring your email blasts.

Our email deployment application can meet the needs of any Client, regardless of industry or size, including large consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) enterprises.

Our WhatsApp marketing is suitable for conveying:

  1. Product Launches
  2. Offer Details
  3. General Awareness Updates
  4. Upcoming Event Publicity
  5. Greetings On Special Occasions

Why is Whatsapp so effective as a communication channel ?

  • Speed: Whatsapp is one of the fastest and most interesting ways to communicate.
  • Opening ratio: Whatsapps messages have a very high opening ratio while emails have a relatively low ratio.
  • Frequency of use: Whatsapp users check messages often during the day. According to experts, more than 100 times a day.
  • Quality of communication: Many companies confirm that inquiries coming from Whatsapp are often of better quality than inquiries coming via email.
  • Preferred channel by consumers: It is much simpler and easier to send a message via Whatsapp to a company, rather than call or send them an email.

  • Industry-leading email broadcasting application
  • Security
  • More than 10Million UAE Database
  • More than 30Million GCC Database
  • Wide spectrum of classified filter to target any B2B or B2C segment
  • Competitive Pricing


The young passionate team of PHOTON provides you the comfort of relying on our collective experience, when you partner with us , it’s like having your own Social Media Department. You’ll even get your own Social Media PROJECT MANAGER assigned to your company, focused on making social media work for you to meet your objectives.We have handled some of the most successful campaigns in social media marketing services. This has enabled us to break new ground on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and much more. PHOTON knows social media is the cornerstone of any effective digital marketing strategy today. It’s the most direct way to engage with your customers in real time.We help your brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in social media.


Whether you're looking to enhance customer relations or want ways for better business planning; innovative mobile applications are always at your disposal. Mobile is already having a huge impact on consumers and store-based sales. Consumer adoption of mobile is growing at an exponential rate, and your competitors are exploiting this trend to engage customers with the promise of convenience, better shopping experience, specials and promotions. So your search for best mobile application development company for iOS, Android and Windows ends here! Choose your platform and hire our expert team of mobile developer, designer, creative engineer and get your work done. PHOTON mobile platform is simply the best when it comes to quality solutions. We have a dedicated team, well-versed in technical knowledge and well-experienced in developing innovative applications, to cater to your needs. At PHOTON we treasure the advantages and success brought to our clients by the software we build. communication with our clients, doing our best to bring a part of our soul into what we create.

We are committed to our responsibilities as a software development company. We value the significance of Being a mobile application development company, we are expert in development of enterprise, e-commerce, educational and utility mobile apps. Our mobile app developers have experience of developing critical, data and performance intensive apps using cloud web services like AWS (Amazon Web Services), iCloud, Rackspace, Azure, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Content Delivery Networks etc. When you choose PHOTON, you are partnering with most cost-effective team that has been designing and developing feature-rich mobile apps for years


  • Over 4 million people in the UAE on Facebook
  • for 6 or more hours a day
  • 93% out of a corporate survey believe a company should have a presence in social media.
  • 85% believe a company should not only be present, but also interact with its consumers via social media.
  • 56% of consumers feel both a stronger connection with and better served by companies when they can interact with them in a social media environment. which means 0 reasons not to be on social media