Digitization & Archiving services

In many growing companies, business information is stored in physical document. The problem proliferates in geographically-distributed companies. Information workers waste their fruitful time in searching for documents and information. A risk of losing these documents to natural calamities and hazards is possible. Regulatory requirements increase the complexities and costs of managing these documents.

A recent performance cost study by a global consulting firm, confirmed that personnel in a company can spend over 4 hours a day looking for the information that they require. Is your organization facing a similar scenario? If your business critical information is lost in files and/ or stored on paper, there will be a direct effect on the performance and profit level of your company. Enable your organization to achieve its full potential by outsourcing document scanning to PHOTON.

  • Why invest in document scanning?
  • By converting your paper documents into image formats, your company can:
  • Preserve important information
  • Easily search for and retrieve information when needed
  • Reduce the space needed for storage
  • Easily duplicate information
  • Easily maintain, update and use information


IT Hardware &Software developer resource outsource onsite & off-site

In this competitive business environment, almost every type of business has to face the pressure to cut operating costs and deliver more value. To achieve this, your organization would have to outsource non-core work and handle core business functions in-house. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (HR) is one such business function that can be easily outsourced to save on cost, time and effort. At PHOTON, we have been serving several global organizations with our streamlined HR solutions, experienced personnel and research-based insights

We are specialize in the recruitment of software professionals at all levels - software programmers, software engineers, project leaders, project manager, architects, database administrators, systems administrators, business managers etc. We service the requirements of technology companies in UAE and overseas, covering the entire gamut of the software space.